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Camera Position and Placement

Placement of a trail camera must be in the area where you are wanting to monitor. The camera should be placed in an elevated position facing the direction you are monitoring.

Black Gate Cameras are designed to sit flush on a tree, post, or other objects that allow for the straps to secure the camera. Our cameras are also designed to monitor at a 90-degree angle parallel to the placement. If you are using a tree to place the camera, use a straight tree and ensure the surface of the tree allows for the camera to sit flat.

If the tree is slightly angeled in any direction, the camera will follow that angle. We recommend using one of our universal tree mounts if you need to angle your camera.


  1. Try to face the camera in a northern direction to avoid sun glare and false triggers.
  2. Placement of the camera should be within 30 ft of your monitoring area to ensure detection of motion and clarification of objects.
  3. Clear debris between the camera and the area you are monitoring. High vegetation, leaves, and hanging branches cause false triggers as well as lighting and focus issues.
  4. Angle the camera at least a 40-degree angle diagonally down a game trail if you are monitoring a trail.

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