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How to Update R4G Firmware

Updating firmware for the R4G Cellular Trail Camera can be done 1 of 2 ways. If you have access to the camera, we recommend updating using an SD card.

OTA or Over the Air Method

Black Gate Hunting provides OTA firmware updates which can be triggered by contacting support. This feature may also be available in the mobile application on the camera settings page.

SD Card Method

Updating the firmware via the Sd Card can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Visit https://blackgatemobile.com and log into your account.
  2. Click on “Firmware Downloads” in the main menu.
  3. Find the latest firmware under the model you are wanting to update firmware on and download the .zip file.
  4. Insert the SD card into your computer and open the SD card folder.
  5. Unzip the .ZIP file to expose the firmware files.
  6. Drag the two files from the .ZIP file to the CD card.
  7. Insert the SD card into the camera and turn it on. Wait for all the lights to turn off. This may take a few minutes. Turn the device off.
  8. Remove the SD can and insert your new SD card into the camera and turn the camera on.
  9. Format the SD card in the camera.
  10. The firmware update is complete. Test to ensure the camera sends transmission to your mobile app.


  • It is important to make sure you do not use the SD card that has the firmware files until it has been formatted.
  • OTA firmware updates require more time to update. The camera MUST be turned on and remain on until the update is complete.

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