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Important App Update Notes For Version 2.2.1

We have been working on some big updates in the app for both Android and IOS. This blog post will cover some of the new features that are in version 2.2.1 of the Black Gate Mobile application along with an important note for Android users.

With requirements that Google put out recently regarding minimum device versions, there will be an impact on some users. Mainly users that use an older version or device. The recent update to Google Play will not let users with older devices or old OS versions use our new app. This decision is out of our hands but we are glad they are starting to take security seriously. You must be running Android SDK/API 33+ to use any future app releases. IOS is not affected at this time but we do encourage you to use newer devices for better experience and performance.

Justin Greer – Black Gate Engineer


Properties allow you to manage your cameras by assigning them to a specific area. Properties also allow you to collect weather data and to view targeted analytics. This feature will tie into HerdWatch where you will be able effectively manage your devices by property.


This is a brand new tab on the dashboard. The activity tab will give you insights to each of your properties including weather data, activity times, camera activity, and average weather during movement. This feature will give you a basic overview of your property which is great for knowing when to hunt.

Dashboard Filters

You will now have the ability to filter your devices by property and or by ownership.

Weather Data

Once your device is assigned a property, every image after will start collecting over 32 data points of weather. Basic weather data will be displayed below each image when viewing them.

UI / Design Update

We know that the app has been pretty basic so we decided to update the look a bit. The update is really just cosmetic but should give the entire user experience a different feel. We will continue to update the design as time goes on once we have more user feedback.


The update is expected to start rolling out here in the next couple of days. If you notice any issues with the app, please reach out to support by visiting our contact form.

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2 thoughts on “Important App Update Notes For Version 2.2.1

  1. Doug Wagner says:

    Can 2 people get pics sent from one camera?

    1. Justin Greer says:

      Yes. You can share a device with an email. The user will just create an account with that email and they will then have viewing access to the camera media.

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