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New Black Gate Mobile Application Updates

We are excited to announce the imminent big release of the Black Gate Mobile application! Along with the new update, there are some pretty big feature updates that we can’t wait for you to start using.

The latest version will be available on both Android and IOS. Visit Google Play or the App Store and update!!

Innovation in the Management Realm

New Management Features

We have added a new activity feature to the mobile application where you can get a breakdown of your property based on weather and camera activity.

Property Management

All your cameras will now be grouped by properties. You will notice when you visit a camera in the app, it will ask you to either create a new property or assign the camera to an existing property. Once you have a property selected, your camera will immediately start collecting data points with every new image.

Having properties will also allow you to easily filter your dashboard. This is great for people that have cameras in multiple locations. If you are an outfitter or someone that just has many places you hunt, this makes it easier than ever to navigate the app.

Average Weather During Activity

Once a camera is assigned a property, it will immediately start collecting weather data every time there is activity.

All these variables are compiled and averaged out to show you a visual representation when activity is at a peak on your property.

Hourly Activity

Movement is different on every property and now you have the inside knowledge when your property has the most activity.

All the data is collected and compiled in our algorithm to show you the best times to hunt or when you herd is most active.

Camera Performance

Break down your camera performance to know if you need to make adjustments to your camera placement.

Select a Property

Select a property to view activity.

Property Weather Averages

Weather variables when activity is at it's highest.

Hourly Activity

See when your property activity is at it's highest. This is a great for picking out the best times to hunt.

Other Great Updates

  • Updated UI and improved user experience with clearer notification badges and new image labels.
  • A new Dashboard filter has been added to filter by properties and shared devices.
  • A new menu to house app actions giving you more screen space to navigate what really matters... Your cameras!
  • A snapshot of the weather in the area when a trigger occurs FREE!

2 thoughts on “New Black Gate Mobile Application Updates

  1. Tyler says:

    When will update take place?

    1. Justin Greer says:

      We are testing the final version now and hope to have the update out within weeks end.

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