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It is crucial to use a reputable SD card for your cameras. We recommend Black Gate SD card or any Sandisk card. Make sure that the SD card is a class 10 U3 compatible card especially for cellular cameras. The recommended speed of 100 mb/s or greater is so that video mode is supported as well as possible for our cameras.
-BLACK GATE R4G cellular can accept up to 64GB
-BLACK GATE R4K non-cellular can accept up to 512GB

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ALWAYS format the SD card once you put it in the camera. This should always be your first task before turning the camera into capture mode.

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The most important setup tip is to avoid all brush in front of the intended target area and also behind it. Shadows that you know will peak in the fields can also set off the camera and have unwanted “empty” photos. Make sure you set up the camera around waist-height in the north to south facing direction. If you set your camera up directly east to west, you will get empty photos where the sun and shadows trigger the camera.

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Anytime the batteries are weak you will get less illumination in the night. At a very weak stage, the camera will start showing lines and distortion on the pictures. This indicates batteries will need replaced immediately.