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How To Choose The Best Hunting Trail Camera

How to choose the right trail camera cover image

Choosing the right trail camera for hunting purposes from Black Gate Hunting is pretty straightforward. Our game cameras are designed to provide the best quality images and video in an easy-to-use ecosystem. No matter which hunting trail camera you choose from with Black Gate, you can’t go wrong but there are some differences to be aware of.

Types of Trail Cameras

Traditional Trail Cameras

While technology has provided us with the ability to have wireless communication, traditional trail cameras still hold their spot in the world of game cameras. Traditional trail cameras do not have wireless transmissions but do provide cost-effective means to monitor wildlife. The cost-benefit in this case does mean that you have to physically be present to view the media, but it can still be effective. Consider using a traditional trail camera when you have easy access to the camera and disturbing wildlife when pulling camera SD cards is not a concern.

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Cellular Trail Cameras

Call trail cameras are cameras that connect to a cellular network and provide wireless image/video transmission. Transmission of media is typically provided through a mobile application but some may send an email or text message. Running cellular trail cams is a game changer for areas that you can’t get to easily or visit often.

What type of media do you want/need?

All trail cameras provide images when triggered. Some game cameras also provide video as well. The media type you are requiring will help you narrow down which one is best suited for your needs. Below is a list of our hunting trail cameras and the media type they provide.

  • R4k provides images and video
  • R4G provides images and video
  • R4G Lite provides only images

Since cellular trail cameras have data costs, the amount you want to spend on a subscription should be taken into consideration. Video requires more data usage while images use less. If subscription costs are a concern, using a trail camera in image mode is the best bet.

Additional Services

Additional services from the trail camera company should be considered. Most trail camera companies have some form of mobile application, but not all do. Some use a 3rd party application that is not dedicated to the hunting camera platform. This is not a bad thing but does indicate the investment commitment of the camera company. Black Gate Hunting has a dedicated team, servers, and mobile application developed specifically for our hunting trail cameras and provides direct support for all our features and services.

Here at Black Gate Hunting, we provide unlimited cloud services for storing media, camera, and media management in our mobile application and HerdWatch a pro tool that breaks down analytical data about your specific properties.

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